Homedinner recipes Recipe: Yummy Crockpot Pot Roast

Recipe: Yummy Crockpot Pot Roast

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Crockpot Pot Roast. Find a Variety of Healthy Vegetarian Dinners that are Sure to Satisfy You Family. Scrumptious Crock Pot Recipes To Make Any Meal A Success With Kraft®, Try Today! Place the roast on top of the vegetables and sprinkle it with the steak seasoning.

Crockpot Pot Roast Season the roast with salt and pepper to taste. Place the roast in the slow cooker and add the soup mix, water, carrots, onion, potatoes, and celery. Put potatoes, carrots and onion on bottom of crockpot. You can have Crockpot Pot Roast using 5 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Crockpot Pot Roast

  1. Prepare 3 lb of beef chuck roast.
  2. You need 1 packages of dry ranch dressing mix.
  3. It’s 1 packages of mccormick au jus gravy mix.
  4. You need 1 stick of butter.
  5. It’s 4 of pepperoncini peppers.

Place the roast on top, fat side up. Pour in water or beef broth. Sprinkle chives, parsley, pepper and Onion Soup mix over the meat. Rinse the roast and pat it dry.

Crockpot Pot Roast instructions

  1. Place chuck roast in crockpot..
  2. Sprinkle Ranch Dressing mix on top followed by Au Jus Gravy Mix..
  3. Place butter on top of dry mixes..
  4. Place peppers on top of roast. Add NO water!!!! Cook on low for 8 hrs..

Mix salt, pepper, garlic powder, paprika, thyme and rosemary and rub into the roast on all sides. Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat. Place carrots, onion, garlic and potatoes into the slow cooker. Remove from the skillet and set aside. Place beef and vegetables in slow cooker.

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